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USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, 

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hawaii, Thailand, Korea

Singapore, Philippines,
New Zealand, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya 

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, England

Greece, Turkey, 
Italy, Spain, Portugal

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Poland , Moldova

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To all table-tennis players world-wide

What a nice surprise to see, that many friends world-wide

of the table-tennis sport are visiting our web-site every month

to get the latest news on returnboard training tools. 

Following a famous German saying „there’s nothing like trying“

I’d like to submit following offer to you:

   modell 2009



        modell 2010 with placement fields

You can choose which model should I make for you and deliver.



+ transport charges international  

                                                                   transport charges  

countries European Union (EU)                      22,- EURO

299,00 EURO inclusive 19% value added tax

Total Price 321,- EURO (cash in advance by bank transfer required)


further European countries                            35,- EURO 

Alandinseln (Finland)   Andorra   Albania

Armenia   Azerbaijan   Berg Athos (Greece)

Bosnia&Herzegovina   Campione d'Italia

Ceuta-Melilia   Faroe Islands   Georgia

Gibraltar   Greenland   Guerney(GB)   Iceland

Jersey(GB)   Canary Islands   Kazakhstan

Kosovo   Croatia   Liechtenstein   Macedonia

Melilia(E)   Montenegro   Norway   San Marino

Russian Federation    Republik of Cyprus    Serbia

Turkey   Ukraine   Vatikanstadt   Belarus



Total Price 287,- EURO (cash in advance by bank transfer required)


countries in America, Asia or Africa                 45,- EURO

Egypt    Algeria   Bahrein   Iran   Iraq 

Israel   Yemen   Jordan   Canada   Qatar

Kuweit   Lebanon   Libya   Morocco   Oman

Saudi Arabia   Syria   Tunisia

Unites States   United Arab Emirates


Total Price 297,- EURO (cash in advance by bank transfer required)


other countries in America, Asia,
Africa or Australia on inquires                                               

                                                                            55,- EURO


Total Price 307,- EURO (cash in advance by bank transfer required)

You can place your order by E-mail to Michael Pollak

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me –

it will be a pleasure to answer any request.

Best regards 
Michael Pollak