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I bought a table so that I can practice table-tennis at home. 
I’d like to play more but unfortunately my training partner doesn’t have time to drop by.

Every „home-player“ has experienced this !

This was my situation in 1990.At the age of 47 and after 30 years of active football,
I started playing table-tennis at the
SC Berg Association in Baden-Württemberg.

Other newcomers to table-tennis may find themselves in a similar situation.
Trainers tend to be more involved in youth training
and active players are already training together.

Finding a trainer to work with when you are older
and in the lower leagues can be rather difficult. 

The key is “learning by doing” – either you make it or you continue to play at 6th position in the C-league.

Table tennis represented a new challenge for me since I had
to play 20 to 30 year old players who were well-trained and had good technique

……..The situation described above was exactly what happened with me

My training partners had little time to train with me. 
I had to do something on my own to improve my performance. 
I decided to buy a table and placed it right in front of the wall. 
As you can imagine, the wall returned the balls in a very funny manner.

This happened in 1997 – and in exactly this moment

the idea of the first RETURNBOARD was born.

After progressive development, a training tool is now available
that can be a valuable support for learning proper table-tennis technique. 
This tool can improve the performance of any player

  • Players at home
  • Trainers in youth training
  • Active players at service training

I obtained the C-Trainer License and relevant knowledge of beginners and youth training at TTC-Ehingen. 
Additional ideas then started taking shape in my mind about the development of other unique training tools. 
These tools were to motivate children to learn new techniques in a fun way.

More training tools which should support the children’s motivation and support fun in learning new techniques.

Everyone interested in table-tennis should visit this training kit on my website.

Returnboard has finally made high-level topspin training possible at home.


Now in 2004 – 61 years old - I’m playing in the A-league and in front position.

Due to intensive training on the returnboard, I achieved a result of 11 : 5.
   - 11 games won
   -   5 games lost 

I use a “Dr. Neubauer BALSA” racket with a “MONSTER” covering
and that has also played a decisive role in my improvement.

The training tools provide unlimited training sessions at home under good training conditions.”

In the meantime trainers are making more and more use of DOUBLE RETURNBOARD
during the training sessions within their association.

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