Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

   Returnboard - Your chance to train every day topspin.
Return Board offers you a fantastic rally in table tennis training             

Training ping pong includes Footwork

at the rally training device Returnboard


Jenny 1 - Forehand Topspin diagonal - training for Girls and Women 

Jenny 2 - Backhand Topspin diagonal    

at the rally training device

Jenny 3    Forehand - Backhand Topspin   

at the rally training device

Jenny 4      Chop-Topspin-Returnboard training

at the rally training device

Jenny 5     Woman wins against man in table tennis "with the weapons of a woman!"

another ping pong technical training

the rally training device - Returnboard


training as in CHINA:

new Youtube movies on table tennis training:

F1  Instructional forehand topspin training

F2  TOPSPIN movie        Forehand-Topspin

                                    big Backhand- and Forehand-Topspin 

F4  Hit the first ball          special Returnboard-play begin                                        

F5  BIATHLON now in the table tennis           

                                    BIATHLON-FUN on table Tennis

F6  ONE MAN TRAINING table tennis 

F7  Placement long Serve 

F8  Exercises Placement Forehand

F9  More Exercises with Training Tools

F10   Topspin softer

F11   Training with BALLON-Net

F12   Topspin with large Rotation 

F13   Roboter and Returnboard together

It follows a demonstration of table tennis training equipment

on the basis of  22 videos.

They show workout proposals for beginners, children, adolescents

up to the association's active players.

On the German side are 60 videos.


Our Videos: In order to save our VIDEOS to your Harddrive
please click the right mouse button on download

and then save it to the desired folder.

Table Tennis Trainingscamp  Oberkirch 2006 

Video     Table Tennis Youth Training                             

Video     Training serve placement                                 
               with 2 pieces SERVE-RETURNY

Video      UNDERCUT-BOARD                                       download  

Video      more briefly topspin                                          download 

Video      Training of the doubles match                          download
Video      forehand-Topspin, backhand-Topspin            

Video      RECORD...RECORD
               Simon Schonert  TTC Friesenheim
                7 returns in LEVEL 19                                    download 
               ( max. LEVEL is 21) 

Video      Training Topspin with Topspin-net                  download

Video      Training with Balloon-net                                

Video      Fun at the Balloon-net                                     download

Video      Training at the Balloon-net                              download

Video      Serve-training  with Placement-Returnys        download

Video       Hit the first ball                           download

Video       Balleimer-Training mit Returnboard              4,48 MB   download

                               many -ball training

  • Video       Timing mit Returnboard                                   3,13 MB   download

                      newest returnboard tool

  • Video        Vorhand mit Topspin                                        2,20 MB   download
                  forehand with topspin-net

  • Video        Rückhand über das Topspinnetz                   3,05 MB   download
                  backhand with topspin-net

  • Video        Doppel-Training mit Returnboard                  1,02 MB   download


  • Video        Anfänger am Returnboard                               3,68 MB   download

                  beginner on returnboard

  •  Video       Netz-Training                                                      4,42 MB   download


  •  Video       Trainings-Spiele                                                 6,07 MB   download

                  table tennis playing

  •  Video        Returny & Robby                                                3,00 MB   download

                  combination returnboard / ball machine