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Undercut session at the UNDERCUT-BOARD

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Just place a last „soft TOPSPIN“ on the right part of the RETURNBORARD !

The undercut-board is installed directly near the net,
on the left side of the table.

The board is bent backwards which enables the


Place the undercut board the respecting an angle
which will allow to return undercut balls in the player’s forehand.

         Just place one to two undercut balls (forehand and backhand) 

         and respond to the last undercut return with a TOPSPIN.

         Place your topspin on the board placed
         on the right side of the table.

You can also try to flip a short placed undercut-return.

The inclination of the board can be fixed in a variable way.

Please use ist rail showing 1 - 21 different levels of inclination.

This exercise offers the opportunity to return

a slow ball with a soft topspin

or flip using either forehand or backhand !