Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

The best timing for your table tennis

I had the opportunity to be one of the trainers stuff around Alf Knutsson
and Mikael Appelgren during the training course at Oberkirch in the year 2004.

I took the opportunity to involve my double returnboard in the training sessions.
For every player, having problems in keeping longer rallyes, the target to achieve was
fixed to augment increase stability of counter ball and topspin.


The first successes followed after only a fex training sessions.
Longer rallyes became possible, even at simultaneously increased speed.

For Alf Knutsson the positive result was due to the fact that the training
with the returnboard leads to a better individual timing;
you can trust in Alf’s statement as he was significantly involved in the training of
Jan Ove Waldner – and everyone knows about Waldner’s timing within a match !



Mikael Appelgren and Michael Pollak à timing of barbecue

   ... as well as Alf and Thomas