Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

Table Tennis Training



(right) throws the first ball

            The player takes the ball by applying
            the relevant technique and place it on the RETURNBOARD.

RETURNBOARD (left) returns the ball to the player,
             who responds to it.

             Right before ROBBY throws the next ball,
             the player will bring the training session to an end
             by placing the ball into net.

             Now the player is ready to start the next rally !

ROBBY is able to present a ball
             by applying different undercut and speed.

RETURNY gives immediate feedback
             regarding the quality of applied technique

This visual feedback shows

rotation, speed, placement

and the ball’s flying altitude

have been coordinated correctly.


like this - forehand technique and backhand technique as well

can be trained and improved

through ROBBY´s opening and RETURNY´s feedback

Take the advantage of both training tools
and let ROBBY open the match with well variably served balls.

training with ROBBY and RETURNY

On the one hand, the obtained feedback focus your attention on weak spots and on the other hand it gives you the certainty of having applied the correct technique if the RETURNBOARD blocks he ball back to you.

you can finally assess your performance

with the help of RETURNBOARD !