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            World first Returnboard mobil for mobile table tennis training 

mobile versions of the Returnboard - all modells on my  online-shop

a new generation of table tennis training gear

The home version of the Returnboard is mounted to the table and removed on rare occasions only.

In a club setting, the situation is a totally different one: the tables have to be removed

and put away after each training session.

A training tool has to adapt to such a setting and that is how the mobile versions of the Returnboards were born.

A mobile Returnboard can easily be moved around and stored away after practice in no time.

Comfort Returnboard mobile                                                              training VIDEO

You only have to push the mobile Returnboard in position and you’re set to go. Piece of cake!

The advantage of the mobile Returnboard is that it is mounted all the time and is moved around in one piece.

Space requirements are minimal so that you can easily squeeze it in between the other tables.

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