Table Tennis - Training with Feedback


use the RETURNBOARD to get your individual strength trained !


Your advantage: fix a level to get warmed up without effort.
After that – just enhance the level gradually by reducing the angle accordingly.

You will recognize that the ball will be returned flatly and quicker
so that your training course will now become more sophisticated.
ATTENTION! When your „own“ return fizzles back over the net 
flately so that you are taking it badly - there will be no excuse
any more such as: „hey guy – can’t play with you –
can’t get your shots returned correctly!“

– RETURNBOARD simply returns „your own rubbish”

Regular training with RETURNBOARD contributes to steadiness
and accuracy of your returns.

If you manage to return 3 balls on level 10, you should be able to return
about 6 to 7 balls on level 11 or 12.

The fact that the angle is fixed at the same time
as the level is fixed (1 – 21)
– provides you with a tool to see the progress of your technique.

Consequently your success becomes measurable.
This is important for school sports and youth training as well !

Note down the level you’re starting with
and also the achieved number of returns
so that you can compare it to the level and number of returns
obtained after a year of training.
Feel free to note down the relevant values separately
about your fore- and backhand training.
Please choose the „XXL-position“ when playing with freshly applied bat covers.
As a result the ball’s trajectory will be longer 
and gives your more time for an accurate return of the rapid balls. 
Note down in which level you are training footwork.

Compare your training results with your competition results.
Is there a visible improvement?

If so, Keep at it!

If not, It’s too bad about the effort …

.....But the training was certainly good for your fitness!

– this is at least a reason to continue!