Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

    The RETURNBOARD idea

    I came up with the idea of ​​developing training equipment that would allow rallies in table tennis.

     10 rallies possibilities       for your order

    A played ball should come back to the player.

    And this ball should not only come back once but, if played in a controlled manner, several times.


     As a result, a Single Player could train ball rallies. This enables a challenging TOPSPIN training.

    So I constructed rallies training devices and called them RETURNBOARD.


      ... and that worked on a Speed ​​Returnboard,

on a Power Returnboard

      ... and also on a Returnboard mobile.

   With my Returnboard models you get a wide range
completely new developed table tennis training equipment.

   In my  I explain the application of the individual models;
show her photo and demonstrate her function with videos.

   Watch my videos on YouTube and in my ONLINE SHOP.

  There is a matching Returnboard model for every skill level:

- for children a Double Returnboard

- for the middle level a Speed Returnboard

and  for the table tennis club a Power Returnboard or a Comfort Returnboard Mobil.

        RETURNBOARD ... my invention for TABLETENNIS TRAINING

        You buy a quality product with a Returnboard


        will enrich your table tennis training


     Speed Returnboard +30

          That's how I started

          ... and learned table tennis at the age of 46.

           Would you like to play that too?

          The view of my inventions:

         on too       Returnbord     Rubber   Blades  TT-Tables  Robots and more table tennis tools on demand


       ... further table tennis articles are available on request ...

         Please ask me:  Michael Pollak

        Anyone who invests in a RETURNBOARD gets in the form of joy

         a nice RETURN and positive experiences with the table tennis


       Table tennis training equipment that allows a fantastic ball rallies with yourself.

       RETURNBOARD - for a lot of fun during the training and more success at the Table tennis match.

       This training improves your table tennis technique, your RETURNSTABILITY and your condition by active footwork.

       The training equipment gives you a FEEDBACK to ROTATION, to the SPEED, to the PLACEMENT and to the BALL HEIGHT .

       This feedback promotes your LEARNING RESULTS especially in the Topspin training.

       With these improvements, you can go as a result of returnboard training with an optimal technique

       in your competitions or with your returnboard at your home table

       Have fun, whenever you want to have a ball rally!

      Returnboard is very good for solo practice at your table tennis table at home .

         your advantage         

    With a Returnboard fantastic rallies can be played with herself !

         For example Power Returnboard

    Power Returnboard +60 VARIANT 

    Now bring more power to your table tennis game.

    Therefore a Power Returnboard is here!





  Video of the RETURNBOARD California Promotion Tour 2012

  World Champions Table Tennis Academy in San Jose, California ; player: Kanak Jha


My vision

My vision was to build me a table tennis training device that I can train solo.

Table tennis training - whenever I feel like "a couple of rallies" have.

And I worked on the implementation. I have designed, built, tested, rejected, improved

... Until I had the solution!

The first training device I called Double Returnboard.

And it was fun to train with it.

And I wanted to table tennis players who have the desire for a solo workout, fulfill this wish.

So I developed additional models - Speed ​​Returnboard, Power Returnboard, Returnboard mobile

.... Models that meet the different requirements.

I present these training devices using 500 videos

in the largest showcase of the world on YouTube.

What was good for me, is now available for table tennis players in over 60 countries,

fun and exciting training in your own hobby room.

A small vision became reality and spreads through online marketing around the world.

Sincerely, Michael Pollak



... and you can order at my online store the selected model.  online shop

   - a Single-or Double Returnboard                             for Beginners

   - Speed ​​Returnboard +30, Returnboard mobile        for mid-range

   - Power Returnboard +60                                          high level of training

   - Power Returnboard +60 VARIANT                          high level of training

   - Comfort Returnboard mobile                                   high level of training

   - Quattro Returnboard                                                for best high-level

 catapult your table tennis technique to the next level

       ... through intensive topspin rally training


     ... to the POWER


    If so, fantastic rally succeed - for every player "in his tempo range."

    contact:  Michael Pollak   Germany


For their Information the Returnboard Training:


   My current eBook's table tennis training theory

  and table tennis practice at the same time.


Tennis Guide eBook

with 60 exercises for their training


   Link to your information / order

       eBook " Returnboard training with 60 exercises "


            - Each exercise is graphically illustrated individually with ball paths -

       - eBook with description of your benefits when using

         this effective "rally-training method"

Author: Michael Pollak     Table Tennis -  license coach - January 2012




Training worldwide novelty Returnboard makes its targeted timing- feedback training


TEMPO - Timing


timing and PLACEMENT

timing of the FOOTWORK

The coordination of these criteria are not alone - but only in the context!


The feedback from the Returnboard shows that the timing is well tuned to all criteria.

 Depending on the block behind the baseline is

  -   the faster and with more rotation can be trained.


Double Returnboard for beginners  ...           "basic block"  basic


Speed ​​Returnboard for mid-range   ...                   "later block" +30 cm


Power Returnboard for topspin rallies fast   ...          "later block" + 60 cm


 Mobile Returnboards for all distances;


 for each speed - for each rotation


 for parallel and diagonal rallies


 for rallies across the side line


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  Rallies with Power Returnboard VARIANT + 60                    buy it on my online-shop


  Power Returnboard wall mount training 2012 - buy wall mount Returnboard modells


instructions from a simple wooden parts:

a Returnboard "produce itself" according to my instructions - order from 10/12/2011 possible

... or "order a new model" in the online-shop.



Constant attacking play is fascinating - but also risky!

Good timing, placement, and return stability

trained and improved

to your own Returnboard

will help you more points and many fun!

RETURNBOARD PLAYER      from New Zealand   he play on Speed Returnboard +30

After two and half months' training with Return Board Basic,

I have reached level 12 with my forehand and level 10 with my backhand.

Gene from New Zealand


July 2011

Hi Michael,

This is to let you know that I have safely received your product.

I have successfully installed and begun training.

A couple of questions:

1.What is the optimal angle of the return board basic for normal top spin training?

2.What is the distance between the net and the bottom of the board when you are installing the board for Chop – Recrutement?

Thank you once again for your wonderful product.

Many, many thanks for your help.

I will try my best to develop my skills daily using your wonderful product.

I will appreciate your answers to above two questions.

Kind regards,

Gene from New Zealand



Pace of play is fascinating - but timing brings the scores!

 Returnboard - feedback makes the targeted timing-training






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Michael Pollak



Returnboard  you could be fun ...

and you know now - that you want it! "

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love your unique rally with a POWER RETURNBOARD

Customer feedback

Good evening, Mr.Pollak

Your parcel has just arrived and Im after first training

with your speed returnboard and I have to say that it is fantastic!

I have been waitingfor such device
over 30 years.

Thank you!


now diagonal and parallel balls alternately in a Returnboard - rally