Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

RETURNBOARD – training course for doubles


2 players hit the ball alternately.

Each returned ball should touch your own half of the table to allow
your training partner
to continue.


- to work out different „routes“ (doubles)

- to work out marksmanship on the move(footwork),

- to work out the ideal position to return the ball on the move

- to reduce the margin of errors for doubles by using RETURNBOARD

(in view of better timing)

Just to have more fun during the training course by

filling the training course with new exercises!

A well-rehearsed double, applying good tactics and controlled hits,
to reach a good placing, plays successfully for the most part.

In addition, the one who proves patience
in waiting for the right moment
to place the „final ball“ will be more successful.

Within youth training the basis for well controlled double
can be created by using RETURNBOARD.

As soon as youngsters manage to keep 3 to 5 returns
with RETURNBOARD – it is time
for a „training match” by respecting following rules:

-the ball should be served to the middle of RETURNBOARD.

-On set of 11 points

-Service change after to served balls

-If the return does not touch the table – the taker gets a point

This kind of match can also be applied
for club championship or other table-tennis events.

Like this you will bridge easily any waiting time until the award ceremony
– by making you MOVE and having FUN !