Table Tennis - Training with Feedback


Extract of TT-NEWS Community 

regarding RETURNBOARD self-construction
feeling of success
à returnboard – training course

Hi Peter

First of all: congratulation for this self-construction.
I’m owner of the ”official” – returnboard
and I’ve already been using it.
Even if Returnboard will never be able to replace
a training mate, I see it’s main advantage
in showing you how much rotation a hit can give to a ball.

This board is a kind of neutral partner
that always blocks topspins the same way (who in your club is able to do so?).
Too much undercut will make the returned ball touch the net while,
if you’ve put too much spin into, the returned ball will not touch the table.
Than it’s time to fix the board at a smaller angle.

From my point of view the main benefit of Returnboard
is its clear feed-back to the ball’s rotation.
I’ve been training my backhand topspin by using the board
and I finally managed to increase the rotation.
What a great feeling of success once you adopt the angle of the board.

I’m not aware of any comparable possibility to give a visible impression
of this strong rotation (despite the possibility to show it against a good block).

It is precisely this effect which shows any youngster
that they are not playing a topspin with enough undercut yet.

Returnboard also provides you with an perfect opportunity
of getting your side-cut services trained.

All in all:

Returnboard represents a great benefit to your training course
by providing flexible training options.

regards Martin