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Double Returnboard 
                             299,- EUR                  
251,- EURO

new 2009:                   

Speed Returnboard       349,- EUR                   293,- EURO

new 2009:

POWER Returnboard   449,- EUR                   377,- EURO


Single Returnboard                   229,- EUR                    192,-  EURO

Undercut Singleboard               229,- EUR                    192,- EURO 

DVD Returnboard  training         10,- EUR                     10,-  EURO

Topspin-net                                  49,- EUR                     41,- EURO

Balloon-net                                   54,- EUR                     45,- EURO        

Serve-net                                      68,- EUR                     57,- EURO
(with three placement-Returny)

Placement- Returny  SET           20,- EUR                     17,- EURO
(four pieces)

Placement- Shoot  SET              39,- EUR                      33,- EURO

new 2008:

Placement BIATHLON                111,- EUR                     94,- EURO

Demonstration of the variable stepless
Distance setting

Returnboard block to the basic line:

near the baseline:

 15 cm

behind the base line:

 30 cm

 30 cm

behind the base line:


View of my training center in my table tennis school

Modell 2010                                   DESIGN  2010

Double Returnboad 
klick here

Modell 2010                             DESIGN 2010

Single Returnboard 

Topspin-net  Video klick here

Balloon-net   Video klick here


Serve-net with three Returny    Video klick here

      Placement-Returny   klick here

Undercut Singleboard    klick here


Placement- Shoot  SET

Three hits

VIDEO... Returnboard ball game... last ball ... Shot on the target

new 2008:

VIDEO I                             VIDEO II                          VIDEO III

BIATHLON Placement Training




               Returnboard  training    with 56 Videos

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