Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

Ball box

A spate of 20 served balls out of the returnboard-ball-box.

Serve 20 balls out of the box

Short breather while you are collecting all 20 balls from the table 
and putting them back into the box.
Another 20 balls well directed to serve, etc. 
Practise as many spates as necessary to get satisfied with the result!
The enclosed adapter plate provides you with 20 balls with easy reach.
Serve all of the 20 balls of the box.
Have a break to recover your concentration while you collect the balls 

For this training session younger children will certainly get more motivation
by trying to overtrough RETURNYS when serving the ball.

When using the Returnboard-Ball-Box 
within the club’s regular training course you can.
Extend the spate of 20 balls up to about 70 or 80 balls 
by putting off the adapter plate.