Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

الحديثة لتنس الطاولة للتدريب مع مقترحات
"التدريب الحديثة هو" اتسمت ردود الفعل.

ردود الفعل على التناوب ، والسرعة ، وردود الفعل على التنسيب.
وردود الفعل الثلاثي يعزز التقدم التدريب!
على التغذية المرتدة من Returnboard اقول لو كانت لغتي هي تقنية جيدة.


Returnboard  now used 2010 

in over 35 countries for TABLE TENNIS TRAINING.


---> ROBOTIC only the balls - throwing

already in 35 countries in use this new training method

Power Returnboard

with the
 "late block"  3 to 60 cm behind the table

-> Thus designed to train the fastest rally!

- effective table tennis training tool

without influence from an opponent

the Ball-Rallies
can be trained.

Returnboard – Move forward

                                in your training with these tools!


Power Returnboard   


          Design 2010


                           Design 2009


            +     DVD     RETURNBOARD TRAINING with 50 training Video


International offer:  377,- EURO

For purchase and shipping information
please contact me at


Double Returnboard

reprensents an ideal training tool for any table-tennis player who

likes to improve:

his technique of topspin or return

                                                      within a continuous movement flow.

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