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Customer feedback "Quattro Returnboard"

March 2012

Hi Michael,
I have been the proud owner of a Mobile-Returnboard Quattro for about two weeks now.
My initial skepticism has turned into outright enthusiasm.

This is an incredible training tool and I use it on a daily base.
I am having great fun and I am beginning to feel the effects on my ballgame and my physique:
I am a lot more relaxed and focused, my technique is improving steadily.

The mobile version of the Returnboard gives you a lot of flexibility.

My favorite constellation is to place the board in a Y-shaped position about 10-20 cm away from the table
so that my forehand-loops will be returned diagonally
(I am currently feeling really comfortable at level 11, I started at level 8).

After four or five diagonal topspins I throw in a number of parallel spins (level 10).
Every now and then I aim for the middle of the table (level 9).
The return is very hard to anticipate so I have to stay flexible. Awesome!

Want some real workout?
Place the board in a diagonal position about 60 to 80 centimeters behind the table (level 11).
To get a returnshot, you have to hit the ball with everything you got.
Spin AND power. And by everthing I mean everything.

You have to see it in action to believe the kind of returnshots
the board will throw back at you… unbelievable.

This usually leaves me soaking wet after a couple of 90 second runs.
Hell of a lot more fun than running or working on my crosstrainer.

My personal PACE high-intensity workout.

Oliver, Germany

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