Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

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Training tips for beginners



Here is a list of some different Returnboard training tools

to show how each can improve your game:

According to which criteria am I choosing the training tool for me ?

First I have to answer the question: what do I want to improve ?

Perseverance, technique, endurance, strength

choice and effect of different training tools:


                                            technical training which improves timing in topspin and counter

                                            with exact feedback on ROTATION, SPEED and PLACEMENT



Topspin-Net:              training of smooth topspins

Serve-Net:                    training of various serves with feedback for placement

               training of smooth serves and smooth topspins

BIATHLON:                 gives feedback on placement


Undercut-Board:      training of undercut balls within a rally

Spin-Wheel:                acceleration and rapidity persistence in topspin

Spinblocker:               countering spin serves




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Precision-Board:       training of placement during a rally 

                                              by  using the returnboard

Ball- Robot:
                 control and improvement of motion sequence with training of perseverance and footwork


This website provides training tips to support the effective use of training tools

and also gives examples with the theme, “Play and Fun.”

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