Table Tennis - Training with Feedback


Would you like to know how to improve

your ability by
“ideal timing” ?


Each returnboard’s bloc angle

(level 1 to 21; these 21 different angles can be fixed by the help of a guide rail)

refers to a speed range, allowing you a repeated rally by applying the ideal timing

more spin will compensate lower speed

gram’s legend:

Aufschlag = Service / Anfänger = learner / Fortgeschrittene = advanced learner / Könner = adept

Check your timing when:

- the first or second return gets caught in the net

- the second or third return is played with full power
so that it ends beyond the base line

It is an advantage to respond to a strong topspin with a stronger topspin, isn’t it ?

So, if you manage to respond to five fast topspins with five faster topspins,

this will increase your chance of winning.



What is mandatory to achieve this ?

It is necessary to adapt a quick coordination of tempo, rotation and positioning
to the high ball velocity within a rally

A correct body movement before a precise hit of the ball and
footwork have to suit to the tempo as well.

Also, you’d need a good anticipation – you have to recognize the properties
of the arriving ball.

Video   forehand/backhand training 

These are some decisive elements for a good technique of table tennis.


For champions, these actions have been developed
and trained for years to become automated actions.

For learners, the simultaneous control of all these elements is much more difficult.
They even can’t identify the source of a failed return.

They have to appropriate this ability continuously during the training


video learners 


Double Feedback

Youth coaches within the clubs employ more often training tools,
such as the Double Returnboard.

Pupils and adolescents are obtaining a double feedback by using these tools:
firstly a visual feedback by following the ball dropping
from the Returnboard

secondly a verbal feedback
from their trainer providing them with corrective advises

video many ball training 

Particularly for beginners – perception represents a decisive element
for a successful training of individual skills and new techniques.

Learners receive an immediate feedback for the execution of any hit.

Scale for enhancement of technique


is there a possibility to mesure any advancement of individual technique ?

Is there a possibility to train the steadiness of topspins within longer rallies ?

what are the advantages of training with Returnboard ?


Double Returnboard represents a tool which allows you to scale your increased performance.

Each angle – fixable from level 1 to level 21 – refers to speed range for repeated rally.

The applied speed level can be increased from training session to training session
according to the achieved performance of the player.

(example for a scalable increased performance:

the player was able to return the ball 5 times in level 10 at the beginning
of his training with Returnboard;

after 3 months, he managed to return the ball 5-8 times in level 15).

He has obtained a better control of speed, rotation, placing, footwork,

body movement and precise hit of the ball while the level has been increased.


continuous training of faster and longer rallys

leads to a positive impact in league games.

The use of Returnboard offers new training perspectives

within beginners training and moreover youth training !

Double Returnboard is a reasonable amendment

to the training supply of any club.

From „non-league“ to „major-league“

through differentiated increase of

degree of difficulty

Many a player is asking himself if he has reached the limit of his capabilities
or if there’s still progression possible.

As far as he is ready to strike a new path, he will be able to overcome his limits
and finally improve his technique and steadiness of returns
by the help of Double Returnboard.


Phil, too, has followed this path and he expresses his impression as follows: 

Question: Who to improve my backhand ?

„ I think, there’s no exageration in saying that I’m a specialist of backhand returns!

At least, this is what the other players of my club are saying!
I’ve trained my backhand by the help of Returnboard to become stronger.

It was an immense support for me – the acquisition paid !“



“leisure-training“ of table-tennis in the
hobby room

Table tennis is applicable at best for all ages as a leisure activity.
Recently, a player who stopped his competition participation
, ordered a Double Returnboard.
He wanted to continue to use his table and continue to practice table tennis
when ever he felt like it.

the combination of leisure and table tennis seem to be an ideal timing

Video    hobby room training


the ball, jumping off the Returnboard ist he optical feedback
for the player and reflects the performance of his technique.

This feedback also gives a clear advice of why the strike went wrong.

Speed too low ……………. the returned ball will be catched by the net.

Speed too high ………….. the returned ball will pass the base line.

Appropriate timing …….. the ball will reach the table near the base line.

Regarding precisely placed balls, Returnboard works analogically to optical principals (e.g. mirror):
angle of incidence equals angle of reflexion.
Bigger angles requires adequate / better footwork !

Little ball rotation ……….. smooth drop from Returnboard

Important ball rotation … high drop of topspin

Higher drop of multiple successive topspins allows rallys in level 15 to 20. 


Side-Spin - forehand or backhand

When the racket swings up to player’s ear after the stroke motion you create a side-spin.
This side-spin will be recognized easily at it sideway drop from Returnboard.

Video    you see side-spin on returnboard

this technique, so-called „wiper“ are often unconciously adopted by beginners.
The coach can show the effect of this technique (forehand- and backhandwise)
by the help of Returnboard.

He can also control if his corrective advises are applied accordingly.


Increased request – time element

When playing „hand to hand“, each player has to face up to the highest demands.
Variable placings, changing speed and different rotations
require very high attention and relevant reaction.

Returnboard offers a training with increased demands on an additional level
– the element „time“/“timing“-
the opponent usually hits the ball about 0,5m to 1m behind the base line.

Returnboard is placed near the base line.
Due to the reduced distance, the ball is coming back to the player even quicker
than if you play „hand to hand“.

Therefore, the player is obliged to coordinate

speed, rotation, placing, footwork, movement and precise/ideal hit of the ball

more rapidly.

This is a good exercise to train and improve your own quickness in reaction.

This finally leads to a higher return stability.  

Everyone can execute the training corresponding to his individual time-frame.

According to his level of technique he chooses the relevant angle (between 1 and 21).

If the players selects a higher level for his training session,

he reduces the time-frame accordingly

and will train his technique on a higher speed level.

The increasing enthusiasm for this new table tennis training method

leads to a rising number of purchase orders for Double Returnboard,
placed by clubs or individual leisure players
Germany, Austria, England, France, Denmark, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Hawaii, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Switzerland.

Returnboard movie 


……. If you have questions regarding „ideal timing“ or

 if you only wish to let me know about your experiences,

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Yours sincerely 
Michael Pollak



RETURNBOARD with feedback of your play

Video   topspintraining with trainer

Returnboard to learn table-tennis

New, professional support for intensive training.

Both parts of the board placed one beside the other are covering the whole table width.

It is recommended to use the board in combination with individual training,

Optimizing attacks and especially forehand/backhand-TOPSPIN and returns.

The board providesthe relevant feed-back of all service variaties.

The ultimate fitness tool for table-tennis players who want to

keep on training on their own.


Understand the ball’s language ….