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Power Returnboard +60 VARIANT - expression of pure dynamics

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Power Returnboard +60 VARIANT 

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my new model 2011

late block position 60 cm behind the basis line

simultaneously in a rally by a "second-SPEED- BAR "

mobile Returnboards world premiere 2011

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                      diagonal and parallel setting behind the basis line

               with two piece "SPEED - BAR"


                           model red and black

                           POWER RETURNBOARD near the basisline

                  DEMO VIDEO 
Power Returnboard

                  with eight table tennis exercises





"late block"  3 to 60 cm behind the table

Thus designed to train the fastest rally!


model with placement zones

Power Returnboard  with one SPEED - BAR


Has the following EXTRAS:

         -  with important placement fields

“Power Block Position", 60 cm behind the baseline

    -  a 30% larger board area

    -  Extended PLAY LEVELS, now with 31 LEVELS



Chief designer Dipl.-Ing. Michael Pollak 

Returnboard Training method

Please contact me at my Returnboard Table Tennis School in Ehingen, Germany
for an introduction to the Returnboard training method.

Returnboard Training includes:

            - Offensive striking techniques such as topspin and
               counter-attack using the Double Returnboard, Speed Returnboard or Power Returnboard

            - Topspin and backspin training exercises

            - Footwork training

            - Flip and chop training on the Returnboard

            - Exercises for the optimal timing of tempo and rotation

            - Gradual increase of difficulty in training using the
               Returnboard's ability to adjust the block angle

Training outside of Germany:

If you would be willing to cover the cost of travel and lodging,
consultation may be possible at your location (at your home or sports club)
using the Returnboard training method.




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Power Returnboard 


          model with placement zones




        Power Returnboard  model red and black



  The court WIDTH 1.52 m 

   " late Block " 3 to 60 cm behind the baseline; continuously

- Beginner training block at the base 

- Youth training later block from 10 to 40 cm 

- Active with district grade level - later block from 20 to 50 cm  

- Active high playing later block 30 to 60 cm

bushings TOPSPIN-FRAME, special design of lightweight aluminum profiles
with stainless steel screws  and  Special

SPEED-bar optimized for parallel and diagonal adjustment 


My most versatile training tool:


With this wide training offer from beginners to club players

assembly in 2 - 3 minutes

the block angle adjustment in 5 sec

Setting the "late block in 1 minutes

The lightweight aluminum specialty profiles

consistent with the POWER BOARD RETURN all table tennis players

a flexible high-quality exercise equipment available. 




      +     DVD     RETURNBOARD TRAINING with 50 training Video


International offer:  377,- EURO



European Union  € 449,00 including 19% VAT 



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     Michael Pollak 

Sincerely, Michael Pollak



 Players of all levels,

         through targeted training,

              can improve their skills

                     and become more successful.

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