Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

Returnboard  - for all who love table tennis Training - the playground for table tennis players!

purchasing Returnboard model

one man TRAINING table tennis

Improve your table tennis game all by yourself!



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Returnboard – a great training partner 365 days a year.



Do you wish that you had equipment

for “one man training” in Table Tennis?

Your desire can now become a reality…

… because now you can get a training device that gives you feedback 

    on your game in four different ways:

-          Ball Rotation     



-          Ball Flight Level


   But only:

     -if you’re ready for a duel on a Returnboard

if you’re willing to do the LEG WORK

     -if you’re ready for a fast returning ball


  a training device for the Intensive Training

            to learn and improve the ping pong technique

                    with the 365-day option table tennis training every day

                                   Now, with rapid "SPEED"    
for higher-class player 


for Topspinpractice on POWER RETURNBOARD

POWER RETURNBOARD returned max. SPEED means

"late Block 60 cm behind the baseline"


or table tennis training in the Sports Club

Forehand Topspin Training

or do you want to train this way ?

Backhand Topspin Training

Instructional forehand topspintraining

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Individual Training in Sport Club

Returnboard – A new dimension in table tennis training.

You can now train as much as you want  . . . . . . .

... all 365 days a year ... all 365 days a year ... all 365 days a year ...   all 365 days a year ... all 365 days a year

... all 365 days a year ... all 365 days a year ...   all 365 days a year... all 365 days a year ... all 365 days a year ...


I will ship a RETURNBOARD to any country. 

Just send me an e-mail.

Michael Pollak


You had a dream of "one man training" -

Your dream can now become reality!




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