Table Tennis - Training with Feedback


How to improve footwork ?


Exercise applicable in youth training:

-parallely played balls onto RETURNBOARD by changing from forehand to backhand

- coordinated footwork when changing from forehand to backhand stroke

- put right foot backwards and twist your body accordingly

...............execute FOREHAND stroke

- from this position switch to backhand foot position with left foot putbackwards

...............execute BACKHAND stroke.


-change again to previous forehand foot position

...............execute FOREHAND stroke.

This represents an efficient training by the combination of technique and footwork.


technical training right out of the movement !

Immediate feed-back to the executed technique !!!

It is a weel-known fact that footwork is important – but not everyone is training it consequently.

to say that footwork is automatically trained within each match serves as a bad excuse.

This does not mean that every player has to train it as professionals do !

Oce I was watching a training session for leg musculator at Ochsenhausen
leaded by the swedish national player Persson.
I qas very impressed by his erformance when he jumped over 5 field borders
by touching the floor only once a time between.

This kind of kangaroo jumps are becoming difficult
when you are 40 years old.
I’d rather suggest to put in a good music-CD
and train footwork with RETURNBOARD by following the rhythm.

for example play some parallel balls by changing from forehand to backhand.

After 10 minutes latest, your front should show some drops of sweat !


If not:

reduce the angle of returnboard and play faster !