Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

DOUBLE RETURNBOARD ... table tennis technique ... topspin training ... ... placement training

new training for table tennis technique

Double Returnboard

with the "early block" directly to the baseline

to learn the various techniques, including footwork :


topspin, counter, chop , serve and flip


            Modell 2012                           

Double Returnboard basic   chop - Recrutement

Table Tennis Player

VIDEO show the new method :

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with placement RETURNY

     Modell 2012

+  placement- Returny  

€  257,00         out of EU

 €  305,00
        EU-price including VAT  19%




Modell 2012


world-wide  €  251,00  (out of EU) 

€ 299,00      EU-price including VAT 19%


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Regards    Michael Pollak


Double Returnboard

reprensents an ideal training tool for any table-tennis player who

likes to improve:

his technique of topspin or return

                                                      within a continuous movement flow.

       design 2002

 With kind regards 
Michael Pollak

16. Juni 2008

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the tracking number; it will be very helpful.

I will be using the RETURNBOARD at home to practice the weekly training .

I am receiving at a local table tennis clinic. 

The clinic is run by a USATT Certified Nation Coach. 

The clinic is very good, but after seeing your video
it seems that the
RETURNBOARD will be a good tool for me 

to use in order to practice the weekly skills that are taught at the clinic.

Thanks again,


Double  Returnboard 

To learn and improve


           TOPSPIN right near the table 





motivation within the Returnboard-training sessions
comes from immediate feed-back of results for each executed stroke.

This immediate FEED-BACK supports the training efficiency at a maximum.

Returnboard provides new training contents, because:

- both parts – left and right – are covering the whole table width

- the returnboard can easily be installed, representing up to 21 differentangles

- each angle of inclination is comparable to the relevant position of a racket

- a right-handed player fixes the angle of the right returnboard
  to correspond to his forehand and fixes the angle
  of the left returnboard to correspond to his backhand.

- given the adjustment of the returnboard’s angle to the base line,
  diagonal strokes can be trained as well.

- placing the returnboards near the net,
  the feed-back of shortservices shows immediately
  the impact of the obtained spin.

- by placing the returnboards near the net
  and twisted by 180°, also undercut strokes can be trained.

- both halfs of the returnboard are coated as rackets are
  and therefore enable controlled returns.

- given that you can adjust the returnboard’s angle
  up to the limit of your own strenght, it increases the demand
  for your personal fitness and flexible footwork

- Of course, improved fitness is a desirable target for each player
  at the same point as it is an advantage within competitions !

- improved fitness and better technique
  can also be obtained by regular training at home with the returnboard.

You can finally start competition against

your own FEED-BACK ! 

The improvement of your own strength 

-  supported by the training with RETURNBOARD 

-  is a result of a more efficient technique in combination 
with higher security in strokes and optimized footwork.

 Speed Returnboard 2009  


           more about Speed Returnboard

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