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speed returnboard ... I have been waiting for such device over 30 years


... thank you from an enthusiastic customer:


August 2012


Customer feedback "Power Returnboard +60 VARIANT":


Thank you for the safe delivery.

Do not yet use Returnboard for personal reasons,

but sooner or later I'm trying to use.

There are a lot of expectations. 

Expect to be more like ping-pong skills.

Thank you once again. 
And pray for the prosperity of your company.^^


Dosik Han

Daedeok Presbyterian Church

Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeo, 305-340

Republic of Korea


my answer:

Good day Mr. Dosik Han

I thank you for your information.
I hope you will train well with the return board.
Thanks for the wishes for my company.
I hope many table tennis players with a Returnboard can give much pleasure.

Sincerely, Michael Pollak

Customer feedback "Quattro Returnboard":

March 2012

Hi Michael,
I have been the proud owner of a Mobile-Returnboard Quattro for about two weeks now.
My initial skepticism has turned into outright enthusiasm.

This is an incredible training tool and I use it on a daily base.
I am having great fun and I am beginning to feel the effects on my ballgame and my physique:
I am a lot more relaxed and focused, my technique is improving steadily.

The mobile version of the Returnboard gives you a lot of flexibility.

My favorite constellation is to place the board in a Y-shaped position about 10-20 cm away from the table
so that my forehand-loops will be returned diagonally
(I am currently feeling really comfortable at level 11, I started at level 8).

After four or five diagonal topspins I throw in a number of parallel spins (level 10).
Every now and then I aim for the middle of the table (level 9).
The return is very hard to anticipate so I have to stay flexible. Awesome!

Want some real workout?
Place the board in a diagonal position about 60 to 80 centimeters behind the table (level 11).
To get a returnshot, you have to hit the ball with everything you got.
Spin AND power. And by everthing I mean everything.
You have to see it in action to believe the kind of returnshots
the board will throw back at you… unbelievable.

This usually leaves me soaking wet after a couple of 90 second runs.
Hell of a lot more fun than running or working on my crosstrainer.

My personal PACE high-intensity workout.

Oliver, Germany


July 2011

Hi Michael,

This is to let you know that I have safely received your product.

I have successfully installed and begun training.

A couple of questions:

1.What is the optimal angle of the return board basic for normal top spin training?

2.What is the distance between the net and the bottom of the board when you are installing the board for Chop – Recrutement?

Thank you once again for your wonderful product.

Many, many thanks for your help.

I will try my best to develop my skills daily using your wonderful product.

I will appreciate your answers to above two questions.

Kind regards,

Gene from New Zealand

After two and half months' training with Return Board Basic,

I have reached level 12 with my forehand and level 10 with my backhand.

Gene from New Zealand

March 2011

Hi Michael,

I got my Power Returnboard weeks ago and started using it.

It is a great product!


Frank Zhang USA

December 2010


I am Shaurya Sinha. Saw your returnboard on youtube
and your website... Product looks fantastic..

I am interested to get one.

Can you mail me all the varients you have

with there cost.. (Including shipping and VAT)

I am from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Also, I was wondering if you ship to India as well.. !
If you can give me details (cost) for India as well... !

Will be helpful...

Thank you !


November 2010


Mr. Michael Pollak, I am Rishit L. from India

and I just wanted to know that what are the costs of all the types of returnboards.

It would be really nice of you if you could mail me all the information.

By the way, I just loved your concept of's just amazing!!!!!!


Your's faithfully,


July 2010

Hello Sir,

Good day.
My name is R. B., 32 yrs of age, presently working here in Saudi Arabia.

I am an avid fan of table tennis, and was a varsity player before during college days.

however,  I stopped playing here because of the time conflict with my job

and hardly find a player same with my time schedule.

Since I had viewed your returnboard thru youtube,

and I find it helpful to my desire to continue playing table tennis

without disturbing players here.
May I know how much it cost? and please include the shipping fee?
Looking forward to your quick response.

More power to you and your company.
Best regards, R.B.

July 2009

Dear Mr Pollak

I have just received the returnboard and I have to say

that is awesome to practice alone, I have been playing like 1 hour

and has been really really fun ... I have been waiting for somethig like that for years...

Thanks a lot.

Best regards Jesus Viosca

Dear Mr Pollak,

Returnboad is awesome!!! I can not stop playing...

I will send you a video of my training as soon as possible.

Best regards.

Jesus viosca

June 2009

Good evening, Mr.Pollak

Your parcel has just arrived and Im after first training

with your speed returnboard and I have to say  that it is fantastic!

I have been waiting for such device over 30 years.

        Thank you!

May 2009

Dear Michael Pollak,

I would like to purchase a standard double returnboard,

and I would like to have it delivered via air mail.

I will transfer the payment through PAYPAL

using the email address 
The transfer will be made tomorrow.

Thank you,  Rich M.

My Address:  6.................
                      LAS VEGAS, NV 89148

Dear Mr. Rich M., I thank you for your order. It's all correct!

I think it's a good thing when in Las Vegas not only to "Happiness Machines,"

but also played "happy one man table tennis."

Regards Michael Pollak

April 2009

Hi Michael,

I was browsing online and came across this fantastic board that I had no idea even existed.

Lucky enough it had your videos and email address.

I am interested in this product but i need to find out about the costs.
I live in the United Kingdom and would like to know how much it would cost me .


Your assistance will highly be appreciated.


Thank you. 


January 2009

Hello Return Board,

I am an avid table tennis player and interested individual in your wonderful product.

I am interested specifically in your Topspin "Speed" Double ReturnBoard with Topspin frame model.

I would appreciate an offer for this model shipped to my residence at:

Maricopa, Arizona 85238

Within the offer could you please send me an estimate with and without express shipping.

I am very eager to receive your product so I can start training to play competitively

at a local table tennis club and later at USATT and ITTF sanctioned tournaments.

Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to your response.

Kind Regards,

Aaron G.

December 2008



At 1:12pm on December 25, 2008, antonio said…

this is really great, you can always play ping pong with this returnboard, 

             even if you're alone

November 2008

Hello Mr. Pollak,

After seeing the demonstrations of your videos on Youtube,

I think that this is a great product.

Please let me know how to proceed in ordering

a Topspin "Speed" Double Returnboard.

I live in California, so the shipping will be International.

Thank you!

Derrick Malilay

June 2008

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the tracking number; it will be very helpful.

I will be using the RETURNBOARD at home to practice the weekly training .

I am receiving at a local table tennis clinic. 

The clinic is run by a USATT Certified Nation Coach. 

The clinic is very good, but after seeing your video
it seems that the
RETURNBOARD will be a good tool for me 

to use in order to practice the weekly skills that are taught at the clinic.

 Thanks again,


October 2008

 Hi Peter

First of all: congratulation for this self-construction.
I’m owner of the ”official” – returnboard
and I’ve already been using it.

Even if Returnboard will never be able to replace
a training mate, I see it’s main advantage
in showing you how much rotation a hit can give to a ball.

This board is a kind of neutral partner
that always blocks topspins the same way (who in your club is able to do so?).

Too much undercut will make the returned ball touch the net while,
if you’ve put too much spin into, the returned ball will not touch the table.
Than it’s time to fix the board at a smaller angle.

From my point of view the main benefit of Returnboard
is its clear feed-back to the ball’s rotation.
I’ve been training my backhand topspin by using the board
and I finally managed to increase the rotation.

What a great feeling of success once you adopt the angle of the board.

I’m not aware of any comparable possibility to give a visible impression
of this strong rotation (despite the possibility to show it against a good block).

It is precisely this effect which shows any youngster
that they are not playing a topspin with enough undercut yet.

Returnboard also provides you with an perfect opportunity
of getting your side-cut services trained.

All in all:

Returnboard represents a great benefit to your training course
by providing flexible training options.


January 2007


I am very interested in the returnboard and want to buy one.

However, as a medium to advanced level
player, I am not sure that if I loop the ball hard,

would the ball just bounces out off the table or the ball can still be in ?

Does your returnboards perform as good as the following description
which I copied from one table
tennis discussion forum:

have been using the returnboard for last 3 months and
will share some experience with you.

Purpose : To practice when you have no partners or
when your partner are no good /

have no patience
for playing with your high topspins errors .

Returnboard is very good tool when you want to
practice topsin .

It will increase your level up
for sure and is very evident after 5-6 weeks of use .

For a intermediate level it is a good to have tool .

Following are the salient features :

1. Have 1-21 levels and from level 13-18 is a very good level

for intermediate to advanced level
players .

2. I reco
mmend to start with 13-14 for fh and 12-13 level for bh topspin.

3. For a level , important thing is that ball is
always come back to you

If your spin &
speed are more or less consistent .

Intially it will
take some time to adjust as normally people

playe with
random spin & speed controls .

4. With a level 13 or 14 fh , I could manage around 75

(max till date) with a relatively
good speed & spin .

At an average it is around 12-15
per fh rally which is good when compared

to my normal club play with different partners .

5. At higher levels the spin + speed increases and
even kills are returned back .

Loop Kills
mostly come back . The speed +spin needs to consistent

at this level, and this is a big task.

6. You can combine Heavy Spin Slow Loop with Faster
flater loop alternatively .

7. Also combination of fh + bh loops are good.

8. Side spin can be imparted with changing the
direction & angle of the board .

9. You can also perform corner side play both side

tilting the board diagonally at the corner of the board .

Combining it at both side will give you
extreme movement on table .

10 . Good for 3 ball attacks by performing a top spin
serve (both side)

with low level at the serve side .

11. You can also try flip & drive with the point 10 .

12. By using one board as a push board you can

push + chops and combine this with
top spin by keeping

the second board at diagonal
position .

This will allow you to practice
top spin against back spin .

13. If you can change the rubber of one board to Long
Pips or short pips

then you can
play against your own generated back spin

topspin) but this is in theory & I have never tried it.

mmary :

Pros :

Very good for practicing topspin against dead or slight top spin balls .

Good for improving back hand
and making you consistent .

Also improves your
patience & makes you device a strategy .

As even kills are returned , you will also have to be
ready for next ball &

this makes you mentally
ready for a return after even your best shots .

If you
have a powerfull topspin serve then

you can really like to play the 3rd ball sequence at higher level of board .

Will certainly
increase your level & consistency .

Drawbacks :

Its dumb like a wall & will return whatever you send .

If you shot is bad then you will get anything .

If your shot is good , you get a difficult one back.

Difficult to get used to intially .

No human thinking & rubber effects .

TopSpin agains Backspin is the worst thing about this.

It can be done , but is inconvenient .

Backspin on this board is the drawback .

Also balls
coming back to you have little spin as they are basically a block .

So from here I moved & bought a newgy 2040 to remove
the gap of topspin agains back spin problem .

My game has improved a lot (and faster) and has made
my game more safer .

I can beat those people , whom I used to worry beating
before .

Hopefully I can combine robot+returnboard for
improving further .

Please let me know.

Regards, Paul

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