Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

easy to restore the ping pong balls

                 ... with tool „Co-trainer“ 2009

Why is "many ball training" useful for beginners?


The "many ball training” can be more balls per unit of time played.


many-ball-training with tool “Co-trainer”



Tool “Co-trainer” allows many-ball-training for 2 beginner without coach.


further advantages:

- The training is intense!

- Error of the learner does not interrupt the training.

- The coach is free - he must not play the ball.

- The trainer is now well corrected.


Table Tennis Training with FEEDBACK promotes learning!

- Feedback to the technology

- Feedback on the placement on Returny

And Feedback of the children - more fun while training!

This "co-trainer was designed by Michael
Pollak Germany 2009th.

If interested, please write about  Michael Pollak

price for "Co-trainer": 93,- € 

for countries outside the European Union