Table Tennis - Training with Feedback

Training with the „ball bucket“

To see and feel the feedback of your own stroke is more catchy than a trainer’s explanation.

The trainer fixes the exercise’s target.
He than serves the ball accordingly.
He explains the execution of the stroke to the players.

Demo - Video

The relevant feed back is provided by the way returnboard is presenting the ball back to the player.


If you want to obtain further feedback in rotation, sidespin and overcut, apart from the ball’s placement during this ball bucket seesion, it makes sense to invoive the returnboard.

The trainer can apply the relevant spin at the same point as he can influence the ball’s rotation by adjusting the returnboard’s angle accordingly.

Both of them, trainer and player recognize the result within the feedback.
It is than up to the trainer to take corrective actions if necessary.

The ball served by the trainer depends on the technique to be improved:
- counterball
- topspin
- flip

Returnboard is involved accordingly by:

- fixing it’s angle

- choosing it’s placement on the table

- using both returnboard parts in a variable way


according to forehand and backhand training.

 see also the video of „ball bucket training with returnboard“

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